Float therapy In Limerick

Best Float therapy In Limerick

For a deeply relaxing and transformative experience, get the best float therapy in Limerick, available with RH Strength. We have designed our float rooms with noise cancellation specifications and other features that help to reduce environmental stimuli.

Floating in a spacious fibreglass pod, filled with skin temperature water and Epsom salt solution, helps your body to release its stress, and improves mental health. With our exclusively-designed float rooms, you step into a serene wellness zone that is entirely in your control. The light, music, and pod light, everything depends on your comfort and preference.

Discover the power of floating and sensory deprivation with us today!

Float therapy in limerick

Relax And Feel Rejuvenated In Our Float Tank

Tired of the plenty of work piled up on your desk? Or feeling extremely stressed due to your hectic schedule? It’s time to take a short break with RH Strength!

Relax and feel rejuvenated with the best float therapy in Limerick experience. We have an ideal float room that helps you be weightless and relaxed. With the unique float therapy sessions, you can experience several benefits for your mind and body. The serene environment eases the stress in your body and manages any pain.

Our float room allows you to skid away in a deep state of relaxation and meditation, free from your sensory input and muscular-skeletal system. Enrich your mind with positivity and heal and replenish effortlessly through our float tank.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Float Therapy In Limerick

Float pods in limerick

Why Choose Us For Float Therapy In Limerick?

Providing you with a powerful state of relaxation and therapeutic tool, RH Strength & Conditioning offers you a wonderful float pod therapy in Limerick. We maintain a completely serene environment – with no light, no sound, and no noise, to disturb you. When you visit us, you will be pleased to experience:

• A float pot filled with the solution of water and Epsom salt. 
• The 94-degree solution suits your body temperature. 
• A button to turn off all lights and experience complete darkness. 
• A soundproofed environment that limits your distractions.

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