About Us

Company Overview

RH Strength & Conditioning is a top class training facility in Murroe Co.Limerick. At RH we are devoted to helping individuals improve their lifestyle and sports performance. This is achieved by us leaving no stone unturned as we guide you through exercise programming and nutrition. At RH you aren’t just given a plan, you are carefully educated on all of the “whys” and “whats” of each plan. We will enable you to have a far deeper role in understanding nutrition while also showing you how you can implement all the foods you enjoy to compliment your training goals.

When you train at RH you are also joining a community of like minded people. This creates an amazing and encouraging atmosphere which will not be beaten, trust me. Through this you will meet like-minded people that have similar goals to yours and you will be able to help and encourage eachother along the way on your fitness journey. 

At RH the sky is the limit and there is absolutely no limitations on who we can help regardless of your level of fitness or sport that you play. Join us today and let us guide you on your fitness journey as we will ensure to go above and beyond for each individual client and assist in transforming your life for the better.


coach, Rory Higgins, RH Strength and Conditioning

Hello, my name is Rory Higgins and I am the proud owner and head personal trainer of RH Strength & Conditioning.