Other Services

RH Float tanks


Relax in our float tanks and reap the rewards of the many benefits included in our float therapy in Limerick:
Improved sleep quality and reduction of insomnia, Reduction of anxiety, Stress reliever, Deep relaxation, Accelerated healing processes, Increased creativity and problem-solving skills, Increased concentration, Increased memory and clarity of thought, Pain relief, Reduces symptoms of chronic migraines, Increased energy levels, Improved hair and skin condition, Improved metabolism, Cleanses toxins from the body.
These advance floating relaxation pods will be hard to find anywhere in Limerick.

Normatec Compression Boots therapy in limerick

Relax on our recliner chairs while wearing our Normatec compression boots. The recovery boots therapy benefits include :
Faster muscle recovery time, Increased blood circulation, Reduced inflammation, Injury prevention, and Increased exercise performance.

Normatec boots RH Strength and Conditioning
RH Strenght and Conditioning Infrared Sauna

INFRARED SAUNA in limerick

Why not relax in our brand new state of the art infrared sauna in limerick. Infrared saunas have many health benefits, which include :
Detoxification, Stress relief, Improved sleep quality, Muscle pain relief, Join pain relief from conditions such as arthritis, Improved circulation, Clearer skin, Cellulite reduction, and Improved cognitive function.


Flush the body by alternating between our hot tub and cryo ice bath. This is called contrast water therapy and the benefits include: 

Improved circulation, Decreased swelling, Reduced inflammation, Improvement in muscle strains, Increased range of motion, Reduced muscle soreness, Increased energy and alertness, Elevated mood.

Hot and Cold Therapy
Massage Gun


Relax on our yoga maths while using our RH Recovery & Float Rooms massage guns. The benefits include :

Increased blood and lymphatic circulation which will allow more oxygen to the muscles, Relieve stress and relax the body by releasing tension and fluid deep in the muscles to increase tissue metabolism.